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HTC Mobile Price in Bangladesh 2021

Note: The availability of HTC mobile phones in Bangladesh is very limited.

HTC is a Taiwanese company, established in 1997, that mainly designed and manufactured laptops. Later, in the era of smartphones, HTC also decided to enter the growing market. Initially, they mainly produced Windows phones. They could not bring in a lot of sales compared to the huge android market. They made several android devices. The first was HTC Dream, which was released in September 2008. They were later completely switched to android phones. Some of the most popular releases have been developed from the HTC One series. The HTC One (M7), launched in 2013, was one of the company's most successful smartphones in its early stages. From that moment on, they gained more recognition all over the world. 


Why HTC?

There are many preferred aspects of HTC phones. They are known for their excellent screen quality, long battery life, fast processor, excellent sound quality and beautiful design. The HTC One series is known for constantly introducing innovative features. The price of its flagship phones was also relatively low compared to the flagship phones from many other premium brands. 


HTC in Bangladesh

HTC officially launched some of its premium and mid range phones into the Bangladeshi market 

in October 2015. Consumers have responded positively to the product launch and in 2015, HTC was one of the leading smartphone brands in Bangladesh. HTC might get a lot of attention in 2016 as well but we have not seen any activities from them in Bangladesh since 2017. There have been no new launches and they haven't launched any marketing campaigns in Bangladesh. Their social media page has been flipped inactive and fans are not receiving any updates. We didn't know about their official activities in Bangladesh until the beginning of 2019. However, HTC is still launching phones internationally and its devices can be bought in an unofficial manner.