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Today Xiaomi is a worldwide well-known and well-established Chinese smartphone manufacturer. The explanations behind the success of Xiaomi are few. First of all, from low to very high, they have something to offer in about any price range. For stable software and hardware quality Xiaomi phones have a reputation. To meet consumer expectations their phones usually offer a fine combination of specs with attractive pricing. Their phones are also noticeable with modern and elegant designs. For the low-mid and mid-range consumers, Xiaomi phones are also known for their smooth and consistent performance offered. camera quality and battery life are usually admirable as well. Moreover, in various regions and budget groups they have a comprehensive insight into the buyer demand. Some words that explain Xiaomi well are enthusiasm, generosity, expertise and vision.


In the phone industry Xiaomi is a relatively new brand.  In August 2011, Their first smartphone Xiaomi Mi 1 was released back. At the end of 2014, within a very short period, they became the number one smartphone brand in the competitive market of China which was a country of 1.4 Billion people at that time. Xiaomi has expanded its business to the USA after China and gained an excellent response from the consumers. in the world they were among the five top-selling smartphone brands by the end of 2017. In January 2019,  to establish their strong presence and continuous growth in Europe  Xiaomi opened the biggest Mi Store of Europe in Paris.

Xiaomi in Bangladesh

In a conference in the Grameenphone Corporate Office on 10th August 2016 Xiaomi introduced their smartphones in Bangladesh. With Grameenphone and their authorized distributor in Bangladesh Solar Electro BD Xiaomi primarily launched three smartphones in the Bangladeshi market together. For a significant amount of consumer response It only took about half a year for them to gain. To draw new buyers they kept producing impressive phones. They became the most searched smartphone brand online in Bangladesh in the beginning of 2018. behind them were brands like Samsung, Symphony, Huawei or Oppo. Then on 17th July 2018, with its own brand entity Xiaomi officially entered Bangladeshi market. In 2019, Xiaomi is among the top brands for the young generation of Bangladesh.  In the near future Xiaomi plans to establish a manufacturing factory in Bangladesh.