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Note: The availability of LG mobile phones in Bangladesh is very limited.

LG is the short form of “Lucky Goldstar,” but because of the tagline “Life’s good,” some people may confuse it with LG. It is a South Korean company known all over the world for making exceptional products, high quality equipment and electronics including TV, refrigerator, washing machine, air conditioner, etc. Due to the demand, they have also decided to enter the smartphone market. Their reputation as a manufacturer of consumer electronics products paid off and they quickly gained success in the global smartphone market. 

History of the Company

The South Korean multinational company Lucky-GoldStar Corporation was named LG in 1995 with the purpose of gaining a better position in the Western market. In 2009, they obtained the LG.com domain. The company's history can be traced back to 1947, when the company began manufacturing industrial plastic products in Seoul. Later, in 1958, the company began manufacturing household products and consumer electronics.

The popularity of LG smartphones

By mid-2012, LG had become the second largest smartphone brand in the United States (Wikipedia). After that, Apple ranked second. One year later, in 2013, LG fell to fifth place. In 2017, LG shipped 13.3 million smartphones worldwide. This makes them the seventh most popular smartphone brand in the world (Gadgetsnow). Above them are Samsung, Apple, Huawei, Oppo, Vivo and Xiaomi. Brands like Xiaomi, Huawei and Oppo have been getting stronger in the world market due to their low prices and excellent build quality. In early 2019, LG reported losses from its smartphone division in 2018, but decided to continue manufacturing smartphones and introducing more advanced technology.

Some Facts about LG Smartphones

LG has launched several well-known smartphones in the past few years. LG G Flex is the first smartphone with a curved shell and screen. LG’s flagship mobile phone cameras are of excellent quality and can compete with flagship devices from Samsung, Apple, Sony or Nokia. LG has worked closely with Google in the past. . LG Nexus 5 was developed in cooperation with Google. Also known as "Google Nexus 5". This is the first smartphone to get the Android KitKat version. The current flagship phones in Bangladesh are introduced under the "LG G series". They mainly manufacture mid-range and premium-class smartphones as well as a few lower-mid-range smartphones.

LG in Bangladesh

LG is undoubtedly one of the most trusted smartphone brands in Bangladesh, but the popularity of other brands in sales is far behind LG. One of the reasons why LG failed to rank among the most popular brands is price. LG's operating costs are much higher than many other brands of BD. This is because LG is headquartered in Seoul, South Korea, and the cost is much higher than in China. . They also didn't set up an assembly factory here to cut taxes and production costs. LG provides better quality and more professional services than many popular brands. But the vast majority care much more about price than quality details, even when it comes to a leading brand. If LG can take this into account. We hope that they still have a solid opportunity to make good sales in this country.