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Since the birth of mobile phones in Bangladesh Nokia, a Finnish company, used to be the most popular brand and there are specific reasons behind it. With its affordable price, elegant design, simplistic approach and outstanding features it was able to win the hearts of millions of people. If one looks at history, not just in Bangladesh, in the pre-smartphone era most top selling phones in the world are from this brand. With very different kinds of specifications and facilities Nokia has been manufacturing a wide range of phones.

History of Nokia Phones

At the beginning of the feature phone era Nokia 1110, 1200, N8, 2600, E71, 6610 were some of the stunning devices from this classy brand. Then Nokia started to manufacture Windows phones and the modern operating system based smartphones came into the market. for introducing extraordinary and very powerful cameras into their phones back then they gained high-reputation.  In 2013, a 41-megapixel spectacular camera in Lumia 1020 with Carl Zeiss Optics was a big headline.  In the same year Lumia 1520 was another massive flagship release. the brand Nokia officially became Microsoft Mobile at the end of 2014 and under the name “Microsoft Lumia” they started to manufacture smartphones. Altogether Windows phone wasn’t as successful as both Nokia and Microsoft expected it to be. So, in 2016, Microsoft resigned from the phone business in Bangladesh.

The Great Comeback of Nokia

In mid-2017, Nokia decided to move entirely to Android with their old branding  after finishing the contract with Microsoft. From the old classic Nokia 3310 they remake feature phones. With these phones, Nokia once again gained a significant amount of consumer interest and made a big impression and. they got even better in 2018 by introducing four new Android phones and a 4G feature phone in Mobile World Congress. Among them, the smart Nokia 1 was the low budget. In a modern smartphone era it could truly give their identity back. Nokia 7 Plus and Nokia 8110 (4G) also have been some significant announcements. Nokia finally became a complete brand with these devices and further releases. Again the pricing, charm, elegance, durability, camera, build quality, sound, performance and consumer interest are in harmony.

Current State of Nokia in Bangladesh

In Bangladesh Nokia phones are distributed through HMD Global. With successful releases like Nokia 3310 (2017), Nokia 105, Nokia 216 and so on Nokia is again the most trustworthy name in the feature phone industry of Bangladesh. a good amount of sales is generated by their Low range smartphones. Nokia has got all the potential to become the leading brand and one of the most important names of the phone industry of Bangladesh.